The Foodies Guide to the Best Mount Pleasant Restaurants

It seems like a new restaurant opens in Mount Pleasant almost every day. And with so many amazing places to choose from, separating the truly magnificent from the truly mundane can easily leave you sifting through a bottomless pit of Yelp reviews. Luckily, we’ve constructed the foodies guide to Mount Pleasant for any self-proclaimed (or official) foodies that are planning to grace the Charleston area with their presence. Additionally, for an exhaustive list of restaurants and things to do in and around Charleston, make sure you take a look at our free Destination Guide. With our guide, planning the perfect day in Charleston has never been easier!

The Foodies Guide to Mount Pleasant 

Graze Restaurant

Something only true foodies understand is that well-prepared food is more than just a meal. It’s an art form. This sentiment of creativity and attention to detail is crucial when it comes to building the perfect dining experience and is something that Graze Restaurant fully embraces. Everything from the ever-changing menu to the extensive wine collection is a testament to their commitment to crafting a uniquely beautiful restaurant with a casual feel.

The Grit Counter

A savory staple of the South, grits have been a part of Lowcountry cuisine since the sixteenth century. Nearly 500 years later, the owners of Grace & Grit have opened a counter service lunch spot, appropriately named The Grit Counter. Serving the same great recipes that give Grace & Grit its widespread appeal, The Grit Counter, even in its infancy, has been exceptionally well received. With fully customizable bowls and quick service, this is the perfect place to grab a tasty lunch while still leaving plenty of time to explore the rest of Charleston!

The Rusty Rudder

Featuring local craft Beer, fresh seafood, house-smoked BBQ, and award-winning wings, The Rusty Rudder is the premier destination when it comes to bar food in Mount Pleasant. You might come for the incredible mac ’n’ cheese or fried oysters, but the lively atmosphere, outstanding service, and extensive beer selection will keep you here. The Rusty Rudder is a great place to grab dinner with friends or stop by for a taste of Charleston’s fantastic bar scene!

Five Loaves Cafe

If you’re looking for quality food but also need something green in your life, Five Loaves Cafe is the perfect option for the health-conscious foodie. Every bit of produce served at the restaurant is locally sourced and supports sustainable, healthy farming. Additionally, Five Loaves only serves hormone-free and pasture-raised beef, keeping in line with their dedication to being “good neighbors and creating a positive community presence.” Stop by Five Loaves Cafe and experience food the way it was meant to be eaten.

Crave Kitchen and Cocktails

Offering options for lunch, dinner, and brunch, Crave is ready for you any time of the day. Although the food does rival the best restaurants in town, it’s the incredible cocktails that put Crave one step above the rest. Each cocktail is made with fresh fruits and herbs, house-infused liquors, and a “healthy touch of creative genius.” For a taste of Crave on the go, you might even be able to find their Mac Daddy Food Truck roaming the streets of Charleston.

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