Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Row in Charleston

The beauty of Charleston doesn’t end with its windswept beaches or rolling marshlands. On your next visit, take some time to appreciate the artistry of one of the Holy City’s most impressive attractions: Rainbow Row. Charleston’s stunning history and architecture are what give the city its unique charm. While you’re here, don’t forget to take a look at our complimentary Destination Guide. Our expertly crafted guide is full of all of Charleston’s best events, restaurants, and points of interest, which makes it the perfect tool for crafting an unforgettable getaway!

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Your Guide to Rainbow Row

What Is Rainbow Row Charleston

Rainbow Row is one of Charleston’s most recognizable landmarks for a reason. To anyone passing by, the bright shades of pastel that decorate the facades of these Georgian-style homes are impossible to ignore. The houses were constructed in the late 1700’s, but weren’t painted in the dazzling color that you see today until 1931, when homeowner, Dorothy Legge decided to paint her home a bright pink, prompting her neighbors to follow suit. Many speculations have been thrown as to the reason for the new paint jobs, but it was most likely just an aesthetic choice. There’s no denying that it’s brightened up the neighborhood!

Where Is Rainbow Row Charleston

Rainbow Row is the row of colorful houses that line East Bay Street, right across from the Battery. Take a stroll along the Battery’s Waterfront Park and then stop by East Bay Street to admire the colorful line of houses that line the opposite side of the road. If you need directions, follow this map to Rainbow Row and you’ll have no trouble finding all of the best places to park or catch a glimpse of the area’s beauty.

What Else Is There to Do Near Rainbow Row

If simply visiting these historic houses isn’t enough for you, there is still plenty of excitement to be had. Luckily, there are a number of incredible restaurants and attractions that are just a short walk from Rainbow Row. For example, you can grab a bite to eat at One Broad or discover one of Charleston’s secret alleyways. When it comes to finding exciting things to do in Charleston, the options are virtually limitless!

Where to Stay in Downtown Charleston

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