Explore 3 of the Most Unique Secret Alleyways in Charleston

Founded in 1670, Charleston, South Carolina, is a town filled with history and secrets from the past. As you wander the streets of downtown, you’ll discover roads covered with cobblestones, relics from the civil war, and antebellum-style architecture. Homes hide from view behind other street front houses, and beautiful gardens remain tucked away from the roads. To experience some of the mystery of the Holy City, try wandering down these three secret alleyways in Charleston.While researching more information for your getaway, don’t forget to request access to our complimentary Destination Guide. Countless travelers have used this useful tool to plan their perfect Charleston vacation. Filled with local suggestions on restaurants, attractions, and activities, the guide can help you discover even more hidden aspects of the Holy City like these Charleston secret alleyways.

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Where to Find Secret Alleys in Charleston

Stolls Alley

Walking down Church Street towards Water Street, you’ll find a small, barely noticeable alleyway known as Stolls Alley. A narrow passage not large enough for a car, this path was, like the others, originally created as a shortcut through the city but became an official street over the decades. History tells us that the street was named after blacksmith Justinus Stoll who built a house along this pathway in the mid-1700s. For an intriguing detour on an afternoon stroll, walk down this route paved with brick and covered in beautiful flowers and vegetation.

Philadelphia Alley

Philadelphia Alley, also referred to as Dueler’s Alley, may be one of the more popular secret pathways in downtown Charleston. Extending from State Street to Church Street, this alley has a long history of violence and death. While you can walk the street on your own, a number of ghost tours visit this particular spot to retell the stories of countless duels that would take place here in the 19th century. Largely practiced throughout the city, dueling was regulated by an established set of rules known as the Code Duello, and men who were challenged to a duel would meet on this street covered on both sides by high walls to fight for their honor.

Longitude Lane

Another lane that veers off from Church Street and leading to Meeting Street, Longitude Lane is a narrow, cobblestone alleyway with beautiful, tucked away entrances to traditional Charleston homes. As you stroll down this magical corridor, breath in the scents of blooming jasper and admire the luscious green ivy crawling up doorways and walls.

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