The Intriguing History of The Delaney House

When construction first began on Hotel Bella Grace, one of our essential goals was to restore and preserve as much of this home’s original features as possible. Though the new section of our hotel is very modern, we’ve made a conscious effort to infuse the new with the old, much like the way Charleston itself has evolved. Dating back to the mid-1800s, the Delaney House, in Charleston, has played a vital role in the development of the Ansonborough neighborhood. When staying at Hotel Bella Grace, guests can authentically experience this historic area and learn more about its development.

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The Delaney House: A Story Spanning Two Centuries

A Home with a Long History

Located at 115 Calhoun Street, the Delaney House dates back to the 1830s when a wealthy man named Otis Mills purchased much of the land on Calhoun Street between Meeting and Anson streets.  After spending several years developing these lots, Mills sold many sections for a profit. But, the Delaney House appears to be the only home originally built during this project that remains.

After Mills’ sale of the property, it changed hands several times before the 1900s, belonging to a variety of residents. In 1872, Michael Kennedy, an Irish-American immigrant, purchased the home, sparking a nearly century-long tradition of Irish-American ownership. The house’s name comes from James Delaney, who bought the home in 1880 and lived there with his wife and seven children. Until 1958, the house remained amongst the Delaney family, eventually being converted into a residential and commercial space before becoming part of Hotel Bella Grace. Throughout our re-design, we did our best to maintain the structure’s integrity and honor the property’s storied past.

A Charleston Tradition 

Charleston-style home
A traditional Charleston Single home

As you explore downtown, you’ll notice that the Delaney House’s architectural style is similar to many of the city’s homes. Known as a Charleston Single, this design was quite popular in the days before central air conditioning was common. Featuring a narrow frame that extends back from the street, these homes maximized airflow during the scorching hot summers. Most Charleston Singles also include the piazza or double piazza, a small porch off the side or front of the main house.

The Delaney House is not the only historically fascinating part of the area. The Ansonborough neighborhood is rich in stories of the past. Once called Boundary Street, Calhoun Street used to draw an invisible line through the city, separating the wealthy people from the lower income families. Sadly, as the area became more desirable after the Civil War, these working-class families were pushed out of the neighborhood leaving traces of history and culture in what is now the heart of Charleston.

Experience the History of the Neighborhood

When you stay at the Hotel Bella Grace, you can immerse yourself in the rich history of the Delaney House. Explore the neighborhood to learn more about the original tenants, the many fires that scorched the city over the years, and the Civil War’s devastating effect on Charleston.

View of Deluxe Room
The Deluxe Room

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